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Hub bearing

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Wow! This is too much wheel bearing

Wow! This is too much wheel bearing

2019-12-11 14:01:14

Now that everyone's life is getting better better, more more people have their own cars, so do you know about automobile parts, wheel bearings, let's take a look together.

Car wheel bearings are an important part on the chassis of a car, its manufacturing accuracy is directly related to the overall quality of the car. According to the different integration methods with other components of the automotive transmission system, it can be divided into one, two, three generations.

At present, the third-generation hub bearing is widely used. It uses a bearing unit an anti-lock brake system ABS. The bearing unit has flanges on the inner outer rings. The inner ring is bolted to the drive shaft through the inner flange. The outer flange mounts the entire bearing together.


Wheel bearing manufacturing process: At present, there are two main processing processes on the market: processing process 1: Turning process processing is mainly concentrated before the workpiece heat treatment. Machining process 2: The turning process is mainly distributed in the rough turning process before the heat treatment of the workpiece the finishing turning process after the heat treatment.

We should also pay attention to some problems of wheel bearings during use. This can protect our car well make our use more assured.