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Do you know the lemon bearing wheel bearing grease?

Do you know the lemon bearing wheel bearing grease?

2019-12-11 15:08:30

With the continuous development of life, our technology technology are also continuously progressing. The development of the automotive industry, in order to meet the requirements of light weight, high safety, comfort, fuel economy, wheel bearings are becoming integrated Reliability long life, low friction other performance development. For the use of wheel bearings, the use of grease is also indispensable. Let's take a look.


In hub bearings, grease leakage is one of the main factors causing bearing failure. Grease leakage is only related to the seal structure, but also related to the type of grease sealed. Therefore, how to choose a suitable grease to reduce the probability of grease leakage wheel bearings has important practical significance for improving the safety of automobile driving reducing the maintenance cost of automobile users.

We all know about wheel bearing grease. Proper use of grease can effectively help us improve the lubrication of wheel bearings, so that we can better protect our bearings.