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How to maintain check the wheel hub bearing

How to maintain check the wheel hub bearing

2020-05-29 13:30:50

  Hub bearing is a kind of component which is used to load guide the rotation of wheel hub. It bears both axial load radial load. It is an important part of vehicle load rotation.

Wheel bearing

  Hub bearing is one of the most important moving parts of automobile. The hub bearing is responsible for reducing the friction resistance of the chassis maintaining the normal driving of the car. If the hub bearing fails, it may cause noise, bearing heating other phenomena, especially the front wheel is more obvious, which is easy to lead to dangerous phenomena such as direction out of control. Therefore, the hub bearing should be maintained on schedule.

  Inspection of hub bearing

  (1) When checking the tightness of the wheel hub bearing, firstly set up the axle of the wheel at one end of the wheel hub to be inspected, use the tools such as the supporting stool the covering wood to set up the vehicle safely.

  (2) Rotate the inspected wheel by hand for several turns to see if the rotation is stable if there is abnormal noise. If the rotation is smooth there is friction sound, the brake part is abnormal; if there is no noise, the rotation is smooth sometimes loose, the bearing part is abnormal. In case of the above abnormal phenomena, the hub shall be disassembled inspected. For small cars, when checking the hub bearing, hold the upper lower sides of the tire with both hands, pull the tire back forth with both hands, repeat for many times. If it is normal, there should be no feeling of looseness block; if there is obvious feeling of looseness in swing, the hub should be disassembled inspected.

  (3) Brake inspection. Generally, when checking the wheel hub bearing, the wheel brake device shall be attached. If there is oil trace inside the tire, it is likely to be caused by the leakage of the brake cylinder brake oil pipe, the cause shall be found out in time eliminated.