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The shaft head is small but essential skr

The shaft head is small but essential skr

2020-03-12 16:13:59

Although the axle head on our car is a relatively small part, it has problems, our vehicles will show corresponding problems. We together look.

In the field of industrial equipment, the shaft head also refers to the two ends of the shaft. The shaft is a mechanical part that supports rotates with it to transmit motion, torque bending moment. It is generally a round metal rod. The parts that make rotary motion in the machine are mounted on the shaft.

The role of the shaft head is usually to install bearings to play the role of bearing the equipment on the shaft. In the process of shaft movement, shaft head wear deformation are common equipment conditions. Under normal circumstances, wear is solved by surfacing welding, but due to the temperature difference, shaft deformation will occur. Foreign countries usually use polymer composite technology to solve the wear situation online. The material's own hardness bonding force cushion the bearing pair. The impact of the shaft head greatly reduces the occurrence of wear.

So the maintenance of automobile axle head is indispensable. Only when we maintain every part of the car can our car run better.