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The choice of wheel bearing grease for middle-aged uncle planting grass

The choice of wheel bearing grease for middle-aged uncle planting grass

2019-12-11 15:17:45

The reason why our car can drive is because the solidarity cooperation of various parts of the car can make the car move, so each part is very important. For wheel bearings, its good partner grease is essential, so do you know how to choose.


In order to reduce the probability of grease leakage, two suggestions are made for the selection of wheel bearing grease:

1, thickener type

Thickeners with different structures will result in polyurea greases with different properties. It was confirmed that the aromatic thickener type grease, namely grease (B), is superior to the aliphatic thickener type polyurea grease in terms of shear stability. That is, grease (A) has a small range of hardness changes during use. It is recommended to choose aromatic thickener type polyurea grease when selecting grease.

2, Shear stability change rate

剪切 Grease shear stability, that is, the rate of change of prolonged working cone penetration can better characterize the mechanical stability of a certain grease. Therefore, in addition to confirming the working penetration, it is also necessary to confirm the rate of change of the extended working penetration. It is recommended that when the polyurea-based grease is selected, the rate of change of the extending working penetration of the grease be referenced to GB / T 5671-1995.

Of course, in addition to the above two factors that need special attention, the working conditions of the car wheel bearing determine the other key properties that the grease selected should include:

(1) Excellent high temperature resistance.

(2) Excellent antioxidant stability.

(3) Good rubber compatibility.

(4) Excellent anti-fretting wear anti-wear performance.

(5) Water resistance

(6) Long service life.

After reading the introduction above, I believe that everyone also has a certain understanding. When we choose the grease for the wheel bearing, we can choose according to the suggestions above, which will help us in the selection.