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Axle maintenance is so important.

Axle maintenance is so important.

2020-03-12 16:15:05

I believe that many car owners have done various car maintenance items, car owners do some car maintenance on a daily basis. Because the normal maintenance of the vehicle is related to the service life of the vehicle, everyone will regularly perform some project maintenance on the vehicle. What about the maintenance of this axe? Did everyone ignore it?

Maybe there are still many people who do n’t know which part of the hub axle head? Usually we all know the tire inspection, it is simply to check the tire pressure, whether the tire has cracks, etc., often ignore the hub axle head maintenance.

Corrosion of the hub axle After removing the steel rim, no rust removal maintenance is performed. It is difficult to restore the position when the steel rim is reinstalled. The contact between the hub axle the steel rim does match, the car will shake shake at high speed, which seriously affects our driving.

So when we do car maintenance, we must maintain maintain the axle head, so that our car can be more stable the service life of the car can be longer.